Nika “Boullions”

IQ marketing made gold glare for “NIKA”

The manufacturer of jewelry watch is hoping to change the style of premium-class brands advertising with the help of a new advertising campaign.

This is the first federal advertising campaign since Nika re-branding which will be broadcasted via TV, Internet, press and outdoor. Nika Company produces watch using only precious metals. That’s why the campaign slogan is “Nika. Watch of the purest tint”. Gold bars are used as a main visual image.

Such a powerful advertising campaign will become a unique event for the Russian jewelry watch market, – Says Anastasia Dedova, Nika marketing director. – European watches brands occupy 98% of all the Russian media spends. Nika Company is going to change the perception of jewelry and jewelry watch advertising, as well as premium-class brands in general.

Creative concept is developed by IQ marketing agency. Communication concept was developed by Nika marketing department. «Communication-wise – this is a launch of a new premium brand – says Konstantin Tokarev, IQ marketing creative producer. – The main challenge was not to make the advertising look «expensive and rich», as they like it here in Russia, but delicate and intriguing. I hope we coped with that as the team which was working on this project was really unique.

The unique team is Adriano Zagottis (Sao Paulo) who was responsible for 3D visualization in print materials; Fetish Film production – responsible for TV commercial production. Raf Wathion (Brussels) was invited to direct the commercial. The concept of magical transformation was developed by TRIZZ studio (Barcelona). Fabio Fonda (Berlin) created music and hypnotic sound-design; he is also famous for his works for such well-known musicians as Bjork and Radiohead.

Client: Nika

Marketing director – Anastasiya Dedova

Group brand manager – Ekaterina Glavatskikh

Agency: IQ Marketing

CEO – Natalya Stepanyuk

Creative producer Konstantin Tokarev

Creative producer assistant – Anna Maximyuk

Art-director – Fernando Alves

TV producer – Anna Sidorova

Print-production: ZAGOTTIS DIGITAL (Sao Paulo)

Adriano Zagottis

 Video production: Fetish Film Production

General producer: Tatiana Aldyn-Kherel

Linear producer: Xenia Bayanova

Director: Raf Wathion

DOP: Mikhail Krichman

Production designer: Denis Lischenko

Music and sound-design: Fabio Fonda (Berlin)

Editor: Vladimir Boboshin

Computer graphics: Trizz (Barcelona)

Creative VFX Directors: Oriol Puig, Javier Esteban Rozalen (Trizz)

VFX Producer: Christopher Vulpi (Trizz)



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