My name is Vladimir Boboshin, I’m an experienced editor for anything marketing: commercials, promos, branded content, trailers – you name it. I cover wide variety of styles, love to create stories, stunning visuals and spice them up with music and sound design. Always up for a new creative challenge.

Tel: +7 (916) 651-5093

@: vladimir@pixtrim.com


 “Vladimir is a tasteful editor who thinks outside the box and has great instincts, seeing connections within the material and structuring it in a unique way. He makes good material better by honing it into a well paced story.”

– Rachel Harms, Director

“His work is genre-crossing and consistently excellent. Mr. Boboshin’s power to evoke emotion through editing has led to both national and international recognition.”

– David Brixton, Film Editor

“Vlad is uniquely adaptable editor with the tools and insights to apply his craft to a wide variety of productions.”

– Marjan Safinia, Producer

“I would hire him again on any project immediately, as he has an unusual ability to quickly grasp the subject matter and transform that information in to an easily understood message that mass audiences understand easily.”

– Bill Curran, Producer

“Vlad’s deft hand with music, combined with his ability to craft dramatic, heartwarming moments, makes him a unique and essential component to the work we want to do.”

– Amanda Erlanson, Producer


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